Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Baby Jessica McClure

Hello my name is Jessica McClure and I remember like it was yesterday, because every time I'm at the day care which was run by my aunt Reba. I can see the the little metal cover bearing over the old well. I remember it was Wednesday, October 14. It all started when my aunt Reba went inside for a little bit and me and a couple kids were playing when all a sudden something happened and all I saw was darkness and I heard a bunch of kids screaming. I remember seeing a little microphone and people asking me if i was ok and and workers was singing nursery rhymes and everything to make me smile and happy. The workers made a hole all the way toward me to help me out and I remember the loud noise the machines were making. Then I saw a man who helped me out they put me in a bed and took me to the hospital. I also remember seeing a lot of people at the day care and at the hospital and saw how much people cared. The worst part of all that is when they had to cut my pinky toe off because my foot lost circulation while I was in the well. There were a lot of people outside the hospital giving me cards and flowers and my mom holding me and telling me that everything is going to be ok and the people outside are nice people and hope i feel better. I will never forget what happened. That day my mom called it Trapped.